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Revamped Online Course

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Funded Trader Guide

#1 Trading Program In The Middle East

How The Program Works


Unlock The World Of Trading With Our Online Course

Take the first step towards success in the world of trading with our detailed online course. With over 100 lessons and 12+ hours of content, our online course equips you with the essential knowledge and advanced resources to master the art of trading. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, our course covers step by step everything you need to fully understand the Forex market and unlock your full potential.



Weekly Webinars &

Market Breakdowns

As traders, we know that making trading decisions and consistently analyzing the market can be hard. Our weekly webinars are designed to help you improve your performance in the market . Gain an edge in the market with our in-depth analysis, lessons and weekly webinars

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Live Trading Room

Join Our exclusive live trading sessions and Earn While learn from us in real-time. With live interaction and Q&A, traders can deepen their understanding of the markets and develop more effective trading skills.

The Case Studies

#1 Case Study

Rafik has joined the program in the 4th September 2021, and the rest is history

Full Time Swing Trader in 12 months


Funded By My Forex Funds


Quit His Day job As a Chef

Yanir live trading with the students

#2 Case Study

Ofir has joined the program in the 21th March 2021, and became a profitable day trader in 60 days

Became A Profitable Day-Trader in 60 Days


Grown his trading account over %500 in 1 month


From a Soldier salary to thousand's of dollars in payouts

I found Yanir on Instagram after I already bought 2 courses and still couldn't find success in the market. I had some winning trades, but overall I was losing money. At first, I thought it would just be another course but after 4 weeks of following him, I saw all the trades he shared and all his students showing their success, so I decided to join myself. It's been almost a year now and as of the last 8 months, I can finally say I'm profitable.

Rafik abayeb

100% changed my whole point of view on the charts and on trading in general. The weekly analysis breakdown videos definitely help me keep up with everything that is going on in the markets and on what and where to put my eyes. Yanir has helped me stay 2 steps ahead of every trade and has absolutely made me a better trader overall.

Sagi yaredni

Bro is a genius! The way he is able to explain what he sees in the market, what's on his mind and how to approach it has made every element of trading so much more simple. Trusting Yanir on my trading journey is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Ori itach

Behind The Scenes - IDFX

Every individual has the potential to become a successful trader, but not every individual has the right knowledge.

At IDFX, we work tirelessly to ensure that our traders have the knowledge and resources they need to unlock their full potential & become profitable traders.


From developing in-depth educational content to providing one-on-one guidance, we are dedicated to our traders journey to success.

Program Roadmap


Technical Analysis

Learn to read the story behind the charts.
Transform your trading with our exclusive technical analysis strategy.

Fundamental Analysis

Learn how to analyze economic data, global economic events, spot currency strengths and weaknesses, and make informed trades.

Money Psychology


Discover the secrets to managing your money, risk & reward and making confident, profitable trades.

Trading Psychology

Unlock the key to master your trading psychology with our innovative trading psychology methods.

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Weekly Breakdowns

Our Weekly Breakdowns provide our students and traders with unique technical & fundamental breakdown to ensure they always updated.


Weekly Webinars

Weekly webinars provide a unique opportunity for traders to receive hands-on training and expert insights from Yanir and his team.

Funded Trading Guidance

Transform your trading with access to expert insights and personalized training from Yanir and his team that will elevate your trading and market understanding to a whole new level.

The funded account allows traders to put their trading skills into action with real capital and unlocking the full potential of your trading.

Don't miss out this unique opportunity to join our elite group of successful traders.

Live Trading Sessions

Join Our exclusive live trading sessions and Learn from us in real-time, as you watch and participate live.
With live interaction and Q&A, traders can deepen their understanding of the markets and develop more effective trading skills.

Our students and traders say our Live Trading Sessions are one of the most effective things for newbie and advanced traders to keep up with the markets

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